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Beyond usability: from emotions to actions

A colleague and I recently gave this presentation to a meeting of the Infinit Innovation Network. The talk was focused on how we have recently been integrating emotional considerations into our research, which in turn has produced actionable design recommendations for products. If you have any questions about the slides, let …

Making microinteractions that matter

Microinteractions are all the rage, and I am eagerly awaiting Dan Saffer’s forthcoming book (aptly titled “Microinteractions”) on the topic.  As Mr. Saffer points out in the first chapter, here’s why microinteractions are important: Microinteractions are the functional, interactive details of a product, and details, as Charles Eames famously said, aren’t …

The human-centeredness of Danish innovation culture

This essay discussing innovation in the US vs. innovation in Europe,  by Maive Rute at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, has some nice things to say about Scandinavian Innovation: [The] Scandinavian countries with their ‘cuddly’ capitalism along with Germany are the innovation leaders in Europe. The comprehensive European innovation …

The value of charitable interpretations

One thing I’ve learned from conducting user interviews is the value of charitable interpretations. There’s no judging in user interviews and therefore …


Art/street #2

Tell all your friends about me. (Image from myself, taken in Malmö, Sweden)


Inanimate life #4

If you could walk a mile in a garbage can’s shoes… (Image from myself, taken outside Nørreport station in Copenhagen)  


Art/street #1

Haussmannian jungle where dreams are made of… (Image from myself, taken on a random utility box in Paris)  


Signusoidal #4

Exit stage left. (Image from myself, taken on the S-train platform at Nørreport station)  


Inanimate life #3

That’s so Raven! (Image from myself, taken in Nørreport Metro station in Copenhagen)